Earth Science & Engineering: Year Two Wellbeing Representative


This candidate did not supply a manifesto.
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Hi everyone! I'm Abby and I'd love to be your well being rep this year! I'd like to think I'm a friendly, approachable and caring person! If I am elected wellbeing rep, I want to be someone that everyone feels comfortable approaching with any problems or concerns you may have (regarding anything at all, whether it may be work, financial issues, rocks, or just life in general) I'd be happy to... read more
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Hello everyone! I’m Jasmine, a second year geologist. I would like to run as wellbeing rep because I enjoyed my role as academic rep last year. The experience gave me the confidence to speak on behalf of general or individual concerns/appraisal. In addition, our cohort’s welfare is of upmost importance to me and it would be a rewarding opportunity, if elected, to continue to give advice to students this year. I... read more