Design Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative


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Over the summer, I spent time working with Sam on the first year Maths course, putting the feedback from the year into action. Between this and getting to know everyone a little better over the past year, I’ve come to realise that not only do I now appreciate what feedback from people can do to make change happen, but also that I have a group of people who I want to represent, and who deserve to be represented well... read more
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Hi, I’m Mimi! Having spent the summer doing a Student Shapers program improving the first year maths module for the new freshers, I would love to continue working with the department to improve our DesEng education. Even better, I could do it for our year group this time! Since I’ve held roles like this before, I feel I am qualified to represent our cohort and I know that I will enjoy it! I’m very motivated,... read more
This candidate did not supply a manifesto.