Council Representative (PG Engineering)


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Dear Postgraduate Engineering Students, My name is Igor Gawron and I am an MSc Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics student running to be your representative in the Union Council. As a Union Council Member, I will represent the views of postgraduate engineering students, and bring forward and support policies suggested by them. I will encourage Union participation among the postgraduate community and... read more
This candidate did not supply a manifesto.
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Hello everyone, I am Xiaoran LIU, who is currently on my third year PhD in EEE. I love Imperial and want to make everyone feel represented and understand the college council working strategy. Also, I had experience about being a course representative, while I was doing first year JMC. Full of passion and experience would inspire me to help building an enjoyable and safe space with great general strategic direction... read more
I am standing to be a Council Representative for Postgraduate Engineering in order to push for action on ordinary issues that affect vast numbers of incoming postgraduates at the College. I believe that many University Students’ Unions and Guilds have acquired a deserved reputation for not reflecting the needs or desires of their own student bodies. This has often manifested itself as pointless campaigning on... read more