Computing: Departmental Postgraduate Representative


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Pranav Kasetti (prk19). I think I am an ideal candidate for the Computing Departmental Representative having already engaged with the DoCSoc community. Having organised Raspberry Pi workshops for 1st Years in Term 3 this year, I have been proactive and shown good desire to improve the quality of education. Through engaging in multiple DoCSoc events, such as the Sponsors Exhibition earlier this term, I think I am... read more
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Hi all, My name Zifeng Niu and I am a postgraduate in the computing department. I attend the election and I would like to ensure that the views of students from our department are represented. I am enthusiastic about helping people. I believe we can make our voices heard and express our opinion. I will collect your opinions carefully. We work together to make a positive impact on the university life. I will make... read more