Civil & Environmental Engineering: Year One Academic Representative


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I want to represent your voice as academic representative! Why am I qualified? I was Head Prefect for the last two years where I led a team of 15 prefects and had to work closely with teachers to organise school tours and events I was House Captain in 2018, where I worked with teachers to organise teams and tournaments for students I was Student Representative for three years running prior to being made Head... read more
We the Reps, Of the Year One Civil Engineering class, in Order to build a more perfect classroom unity, establish healthy relationships between students and professors, insure study ease, provide for a pleasant atmosphere, promote your interests, and secure the Blessings of high grades to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this manifesto for the Imperial College Representatives elections.
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Hola! Most of you won’t even know my name by now. So, why vote for me? I will first introduce myself: I was born in Spain, most precisely Madrid (yes we love football over there), I have also lived in Peru for four years and spent a year abroad in a Canadian high school near Vancouver. Throughout these years I have made friends from all over the world (in fact some of my best friends Mexican, Chinese, Japanese... read more