City & Guilds Union: Media and Marketing Officer


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Photographer, Cinematographer, Director, Director of Photography and ALWAYS ON MY PHONE! Those are all the things I am and titles I've held at present and in the past. Short, sweet and efficient. Everything that this manifesto is! Confident enough to add City & Guilds Union: Media and Marketing Officer in Autumn Elections 2019 to my titles? Put that 1 next to my name! Thank you!
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My name is Aulia and I’m in second year studying Chemical Engineering. I’m currently the interim Media and Marketing Officer for the CGCU, having joined late this summer. As a Media and Marketing officer, I’ll be working to get the best of the CGCU to you - building the Union’s image, media presence and outreach to get engineers informed, involved and as active as possible. I have always had an interest in... read more