Bioengineering: Year One Academic Representative (Molecular Bioengineering)


Solving macroscopic problems from a microscopic level - this is what unites us - the molecular bioengineers of Imperial College London. I’m Rea and I come from Albania - a small but vibrant country in southeastern Europe. What inspires me to pursue a career in bioengineering is the ultimate desire to help developing countries like my own create feasible solutions for healthcare issues. As molecular... read more
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Hey, everyone! I am Aoyu Zhang from Beijing, China. If you find it hard to pronounce my Chinese name, just call me Jerry :) I have been living in Beijing since I was born, so ask me any question about China! Meanwhile, as an international student, I know how hard it is to study in London if English is not your native language. If I am honored to be the academic representative, I will convey any difficulty in... read more