Medicine: Biomedical Science - Year Two Academic Representative


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Vote for Joe to make Biomed the course that you want it to be! If I get elected, I will make sure that your feedback on every aspect of the course is fed back to the course leads, and I'll tell you how they respond. I hope that this creates an ongoing dialogue between the senior staff and us, which allows us to suggest improvements, leading to changes in the course that benefit everyone, rather than what is... read more
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I am motivated to be your Academic Representative, to improve communication between students and professors. We need to be better heard. During my first year, I experienced the frustration of academic disorganisation; lectures were cancelled without notification, deadlines were not respected. I wish to ensure that this does not continue in second year, for the benefit and welfare of all students on the Biomed/... read more
Hi everyone, I'm Jordi. As I've been one of the year representatives for the previous academic course, I believe I have already picked up the skills required to act as the intermediary between our cohort and the lecturer's body to ensure clarity of communication, and I have already received training to use platforms such as Panopto and Blackboard. As mentioned in last year's manifesto I have... read more