Mechanical Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative


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First of all: I'm Joel, not Marius... Secondly, I'm running to be your academic representative for this year, to make your student experience as good as it can be. Having experience in being year rep in school and having been on the hall committee, I feel like I have the experience needed to represent your concerns and ideas most effectively in the department. I have also worked for the union in... read more
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Let be real, we Mechanical Engineers, we like to complain. Its an intrinsic aspect of our existence. Its what makes us What if I told you, I could be the one you complain to. I won't avoid you, block your number or mute you on Facebook, like most of your other friends have probably already done. Nope! I will be here, 24/7 listening to it all. For those of you who don't know me, I'm loud... read more
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