GSU Academic & Welfare Officer - Engineering


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Hello,everyone! Pay attention there! My name is Haimiao Jiao, a lovely and cute boy! I am from Heilongjiang province which lies in the north of China and is famous for the world of ice and snow as the temperature could even be 40 minus degree celsius in the winter.Of course, this is not a piece of advertisement. Welcome everyone to my hometown.More importantly, I like to make friends form all over the world that we... read more
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I'm Yasin Cotur, a 2nd year graduate in Department of Bioengineering. It is proud to be a graduate student of Imperial College, which is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The reputation of the college mostly depends on the quality of the studies by the academics. The more facilities maintained for the graduates, the more productive they will be, in the long run, both the students and... read more