Chemistry: Year One Academic Representative


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Hello guys! Let me introduce to you. I'm Giulia "with the G" Casarano (don't bother with the spelling, it's just Julia). Some of you may know me, I am the one who spams your Instagram page with my Stories. This may sound useless to mention for this purpose but, in fact, my hope is that, by this time, I am already being a familiar face and, if you will allow me, a point of reference for... read more
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Hi, my name is Iman. You may know me as Iman Ilyas, Prof Illy or “Life is Fake.” girl. If not, you know now. On 27th June 2017, I decided to create a WhatsApp group chat for the Chemistry Freshers. What started out to be a 4-person group steadily grew and I am proud to say we currently have 102 Chemistry Freshers involved in this group. If you would like to get involved, please do let me know. I believe that this... read more
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