Chemistry: Year Four Academic Representative


Hey there, I hope most of you know me by now. I was Year Rep last year and enjoyed it so much I am running again. Instead of telling me about my qualifications and (fake) promises, I will tell you the main points Kate (Stavri) and I achieved last year. - We changed the May paper distribution when about 40 of us had clashes - We persuaded the head of physical chemistry to include the two summary lectures at... read more
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Hello! My name is Flo, and I am running to be your Year 4 Academic Rep. I understand the importance of this last year in our degrees, it is a very exciting time, but can also be daunting between the large research project and possible applications! I believe I have the right skills and experience to represent you and help make sure your academic experience this year is the best it can be. As your Year Rep I would... read more