Aeronautics: Year Two Academic Representative


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Hello, This is your ex-fresher year rep Antoine. You know who I am. I hope that you liked what I did last year. I really had a great time being your year rep, you guys are all great people. And I want to represent you again. Last year was weird as my dear Esther Maltby (RIP February 2017) dropped out of the course so I was the only representing you guys for a good time during the year. -I planned... read more
Hey there! Searching for reasons to vote for me as your year rep? Here are a few: - I'm really commited to giving this course the voice it deserves in discussions with the staff, and making this year about your needs and wishes. - Having moved to a new department, I'm sure you have ideas of how to best settle in. I'm here to make sure these ideas are heard. - I want to make sure we have... read more