New Activities Committee

The New Activities Committee is made up of student volunteers involved in different aspects of Imperial College Union Activities. The role of the committee is to oversee all applications and to help with the transition of the application process to a fully functional society or club.

There are three outcomes from the meeting:

 1st – The application is unsuccessful

 The reasons why this might be could be that your idea is too similar to an already existing society. In this case, the Committee would recommend that you engage with the existing society and work together on your idea. Another reason could be that the application itself is not as strong as it could be. If this was the outcome, the committee would recommend that you work with the Student Activities Coordinator to strengthen your application and reapply. If you are unhappy with the outcome of this, you will be able to appeal the decision at the next New Activities Committee meeting the following month, addressing the feedback that you would have been given after the initial meeting.

2nd – The application is successful

 The committee felt that your application was strong and you have shown you are sustainable, active and proficient society. The Activities Team will set you up as a full society and invite you in for an introduction workshop with your respective Management Group Chair. You’ll also be invited to attend all of our Training.

3rd – New Activities Incubator

This is the most common result of an application. This result means that the Committee like your idea, though they feel it has room to grow. Being placed in the NAI is a ‘buffer’ period whereby you receive extra support and training from the Activities Team to allow you to develop into becoming a full society. For more information on the New Activities Incubator please click here.


The New Activities Committee meets once a month. Deadlines for applications will be around one week before to give the Committee plenty of time to view the applications. You will hear back no more than 5 working days after the meeting, the Activities Team will email you with feedback from the meeting and the next steps.


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