Sports Awards 2018: Outstanding Contribution

This award will recognise an individual who has delivered above and beyond what could have been expected of them within sport and physical activity within the college. 

Read the six nominations below and then vote for your winner through the online poll.

Voting closes midday on the 14th June 2018.

Winner to be announced at Sports Awards 2018. 


Alexander Ball - ACC Boat

Alex, this year has gone above and beyond what is required of him. He has helped coaches and athletes through challenging times and has been involved in every aspect of the boat club, from equipment purchasing to building maintenance. He regularly helps coaches, who have needed guidance and has also been involved in club management at College level.

He has had to support the club through a difficult year of departing and recruiting new coaches, supporting club members and ensuring training and a vital student experience is delivered to all members.

This year, Alex has secured the purchase of two new Eights Boats which we vitally needed to support club competitions as well as organising event entries and the delivery of overseas training camps- his experience and knowledge of Rowing has meant he has stepped up to provide the best he possibly can for the club.

He has often put his own competitions and situations aside to help the members of ICBC including delivering pastoral care for the athletes and increasing communication and relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Alex’s input this year has ensured the Boat Club have managed to get to competitions, had kit, and been able to function. Without him at the helm, the club wouldn’t have gotten through the year as it has. He has ensured the smooth running of the club in any way he can and deserves to be nominated for his outstanding contribution to the Boat Club this year. 


Shing Ching Bryan Chong - ACC Tae Kwon Do

This year as Vice President and Secretary; Bryan Chong, his dedication and commitment are highly respected by all members of our club, coaches, alumni and the wider student Taekwondo community.

He has worked to continually develop the club whilst also managing his ongoing training in the Republic of Singapore Navy. He has five years as a certified Poomsae (patterns discipline) coach and former training in the National Development squad in Singapore, he introduced Poomsae to the ICUTKD program and open it up to other clubs sending members. He has been able to establish competitive Poomsae training at a UK University for the first time.  As a result, we were able to send a spartan of eight members to form our Poomsae team to the British Student Taekwondo Federation (BSTF) Nationals this year, where we won the Best Poomsae Team Trophy.

He is an ambassador of our sport and of our club, having assisted the organisation of the BSTF AGM and student referee course as well as officiating for the BSTF and the wider international community.

This year he helped the club organise the first summer tour to Singapore & clinched an invitation to compete in the 4th Takwondonmics TKD Invitational Championship. Just this year, he won national championships and represented us in the European University Championships: Belgian Open.

Furthermore he was awarded the Master Suh Award – the highest attainable achievement for a student in Taekwondo. Bryan's passion is contagious, and he is a role model to all. 


Thomas Fernandez Debets - ACC Lawn Tennis

Under Thomas’ leadership Lawn Tennis has come on leaps and bounds. The club has remained one of the largest at Imperial and developing a vital student experience for their members. He has introduced inter-university competitions in the form of IPTL tournaments and more to come against UCL, LSE and Kings for next year. He has developed a charity tournament called ‘Play for Grenfell’ with Solidarity Sports helping those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. Working with the LTA and with help from other universities, it raised over £1200 and national coverage with the event already booked in for next year.

He worked with the LTA to get the club nominated for LTA Middlesex County Education Award, attended the LTA University Tennis Ambassador Programme and will shortly be going to an LTA Disability Sports Workshop to help the club provide disability sports in the future. Thomas has been working cross departmentally as a whole and not just for the tennis club- his work reaches out to other sports clubs alike; attending focus group meetings of the Varsity working group and sports strategy meetings for the University. He has also organised a Racket Sports Tournament in June for the benefit of all racket sports club across Imperial.

He has managed all of this whilst being an active member despite having broken his wrist- whilst he couldn’t play, he’s supported & dedicated a huge amount of time to sport as a whole and will continue to do so as ACC chair next year. 


Matthew Gunnee - ICSM Rugby

In November 2016, Matt was struck by a car and in a coma, at times his chance of survival looked very bleak. Overnight he went from an academy level rugby player to being forced to relearn how to speak, walk and function. He still suffers from several long-term injuries but does not let this hold him back and it is while taking time out of medical school to recover that Matt has dedicated his time and energy to coaching.

As a volunteer student coach, he did not miss a single training session or match day. Even “the Beast from the East” couldn’t stop Matt from laying out his favourite cones and putting us through his latest drills. Working across the club he has developed novel tactics that have translated onto the pitch from effective set-pieces to innovative back moves. Matt has injected IMRFC with not only with a boost of tactical nous but also a true sense of purpose.

He delivers his work with such a sense of pride and his passion is infallible. Whether on the side-lines or mid-huddle in training it is clear to everyone present that IMRFC means everything to him. He quite literally fought back from the brink and will let nothing stop him follow his passion. He has never once sought recognition for his dedication to IMRFC but this award would go a long way in showing the depth of gratitude and respect that the club holds for this inspirational, indispensable and indestructible individual. 


Alexandra Mundell - ACC Cross Country & Athletics

Alex has brought so much enthusiasm and love of all things running: from ‘keenest fresher’ to Club Captain she has done an absolutely outstanding job. Alex is consistently supporting the delivery of all club events and constantly motivating and inspiring club members to participate no matter what standard or experience they may have. She now hosts the largest BUCS Cross Country team of 70 members, a historic win for the Women’s London Universities Cross Country team and largest BUCS Indoors Team for Imperial as well as supporting participation in London Colleges Athletics League & run the first Imperial Athletics Varsity.

Alex is everywhere and has managed her 4th Year Medical Degree in amongst all her work for ICXAC; she has helped to boost Imperial’s social media, engaged in club trips and events, such as Brighton 10k and even hosted members when they’ve competed in the Salisbury 10 mile race. She has also introduced a support network of ‘athletics mum’s and dad’s’ in individual subject areas to help fresher’s balance academics with training,

Alex competes herself in the 800m but has helped out wherever is needed in leading by example by being present at BUCS, LUCA cross country, LUCA athletics, Brighton 10k, De Bata and baked for her team mates every time. She organises travel for all the teams, pushed alongside Anna to develop the women’s participation level, supported club athletes from scholarship to beginner level and even defeated Hyde Park Relay organisers when snow stopped events to raise a smile.


Oishik Raha - ACC Kabaddi

One of the most organised, driven and efficient people ever and he has never stopped giving his best to the club. With the initiative this guy has, it is mesmerising to see him work.

From the start of the year, he worked towards getting the club the Harlington grant that enabled the club to purchase the professional Kabaddi mats. He regularly and persistently liaised with the Union, kit suppliers, committee and everyone who had anything to do with IC Kabaddi to provide the members of IC Kabaddi the best experience they could get. From driving the players to Heston on the minibus, to playing the tournaments with an injured shoulder because the team was short on players, he gave it all.

He has grown the Kabaddi program at Imperial to include competitions including the National Kabaddi League with other Kabaddi clubs, which led to so many more opportunities for the players to showcase their talents in. He also brought in professional match videos and highlights to perfectly organized social events, he saw it all through. It was under his presidency that IC Kabaddi was voted the Showcase Sport at Imperial Varsity.

He has led the team before as captain. Now he has led the club. He has taken Kabaddi to the big leagues. And he has left a mark. He has set the benchmark very high, for all presidents to come.