The Union provides free webspace for all Clubs, Societies and Projects. If your society already has a website and you need access to it this can be requested here.

If you currently don't have a website on the union server and you are a club, society or project you can request it. All clubs, societies and projects are required to host their websites on the union or college servers. Hosting on the union servers is free and highly compatible. Please send an email from your club account to the Union Sysadmin including the following information:

  • The club's full name
  • The club's management group (ACC, RCC, etc)
  • Your preferred domain address (ie

You will then (after confirmation by email) be able to log in to the system here to add the users you want to give access too. If you also know that you will require a database or mod_security to be turned off for your website, please also include this information in the email. Mod_security should be disabled for websites such as Wordpress. It can be turned on/off at any time by the union sys admin if you need it to be.

Further information and a guide for setting up a site can be found here.


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