Room Bookings

Requests for rooms for Club, Society, Project (CSP) and Student usage can be made online.

Booking requests, including ad-hoc (one-off) must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

Requests submitted after this time will not be processed. In this case it is best to consider alternative dates.

Standard requests can take up to 2 weeks to be processed and for rooms to be allocated so please bear this in mind when submitting your request. If there is an issue with your request or we require more information we will contact you. We will not continue to process your request until we receive a response.

Before you can book a room you must read our 'Requesting Spaces' guide and complete the associated online quiz. You can do this by visiting eActivities and go to Training > Training Quizzes > Requesting Spaces

Dates & Deadlines

Ad-hoc Bookings 2017/18

All Ad-hoc booking requests must be submitted via the online room request portal at least 2 weeks before the date of your event or activity.

Academic Year 2017/178

Autumn term 

(1st September 2016 - 8th January 2017)

Booking type Bookings open Bookings close
Block 01 September, 12:00 pm 11 September, 00:00 am
Ad-hoc 14 September, 12:00 pm  

Spring term 

(6th January 2018 - 23th March 2018)

Booking type Bookings open Bookings close
Block 29 November, 9:00 am 10th December, 00:00 am
Ad-hoc 14 December, 9:00 pm  

*Booking Request System Closed: Monday 10 December → Sunday 14 December* 

Summer term

(28th April 2018 - 29th June 2018)

Booking type Bookings open Bookings close
Block 26 February, 12:00 pm 05 March, 09:00 am
Ad-hoc 14 March, 12:00 pm  

*Booking Request System Closed: Monday 05 March → Wednesday 14 March*

Yearly Bookings 2016/17

First Round: 13th March 2017 - 21st April 2017

Second Round: 26th May 2017 - 12th June 2017

There are two types of requests, physical and non-physical activity. Please read the guides below and example applications for the relevant application before you complete your booking request forms.

Please note: these forms are only for regular weekly activities for next year (17/18).

Please email if you have any questions or concerns. 

You can complete the booking request applicaitons on the following links:

Physical Activity

Non-Physical Activity