Room Bookings

Requests for rooms for Club, Society, Project and Student usage can be made online. Booking requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Before you can book a room you must read our guide about requesting spaces and complete the associated online quiz.

The current dates for requests are as follows:

Yearly bookings 

Bookings for Round 1 are open untill 27/05/2016

Round 2 will open once bookings are confirmed from Round 1.

Requests are submitted via the following online form:

Ad-hoc Bookings

Academic Year 2015/16

Summer term - bookings are open from 03/04/2016 and it is possible to book them until 26/06/15.

Academic Year 2016/17


Autumn term (1st September 2016 - 8th January 2017)

Block Bookings: 1st September, midday  11th September, midnight

Ad-hoc Bookings: 14th September, midday onwards 


Spring term - (7th January 2017 - 24th March 2017)

Block Bookings: Sunday 27th November, midday → Sunday 4th November, midnight

Booking Request System Closed: Monday 5th December → Sunday 11th December 

Ad-Hoc Bookings: Monday 12th December, midday onwards


Summer term  - (29th April 2017 - 30th June 2017)

Block Bookings: Sunday 26th February, midday → Monday 6th March, midday

Booking Request System Closed: Monday 6th December, midday → Monday 13th March, midday 

Ad-Hoc Bookings: Monday 13th March, midday onwards


      All Ad-hoc booking requests must be submitted via the online room booking portal at least 2 weeks before the request. 



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