Types of Booking

There are three categories of bookings, which are based on the frequency of the activity, as well as the spaces which are requested.

Yearly Bookings

These bookings are processed jointly between Sport Imperial and the Union. They encompass regular sports training and club activities, which take place on a routine basis, in spaces which are administered by Sport Imperial and the Union. For example, if you are a club, which has practice sessions or lessons twice a week throughout the year and you need the Union Gym, you would book those activities through Yearly Bookings. For a list of the spaces bookable through Yearly Bookings, please refer to Bookable Spaces. Yearly bookings are processed in the summer and are finalised before the start of the Autumn Term.

Block bookings

These bookings are for regular activities that take place once, or more than once, per week. They are similar to Yearly Bookings, with the difference being that they take place in departmental spaces, which cannot be booked out on a yearly basis and have to be done term by term. Bookings for each term opens and closes shortly before the start of that term. For specific dates, please refer to Booking Dates.

Ad-Hoc bookings

Bookings for one-off or irregular activities, for example extra rehearsals leading up to a performance, a one-off conference event, an EGM/AGM etc. These bookings will be processed on a rolling basis throughout each term; they will commence only after all Block Bookings have been processed and will have a lower priority than Block Bookings. All Ad-Hoc Bookings will be processed on a first come, first serve basis, so if you have an important event to book rooms for, please make sure to do so, as soon as Ad-Hoc Bookings open. 

Bar Bookings

For bar bookings, please click here