Block Bookings

Block bookings are made in the designated time period (see 'Booking Dates' tab) by submitting a ticket through eActivities here.

What counts as a Block booking?

As these are bookings for regular activities, occurring each week, there must be five or more dates indicated on your ticket.

Preferably, you should chose, for each date, the first and second choice of room for that activity. It is also highly recommended that you indicate 3rd, 4th etc. rate preferences in an email response to the ticket, or if you don’t have any, some information as to the type of activity and type of room you will need, or any flexibility in the times requested.

For example, whether it is a Lecture Theatre or classroom that you need, whether the activity will be a rehearsal or a meeting, whether you need two hours per evening between the hours of 17:00 and 21:00 but are not fussed about the exact time etc.

The more information and options you supply, the easier it will be to find spaces for you and to reduce the number of emails back and forth and general delay.

If possible, each club should get one person to submit one block booking per term, so that requests can be processed faster. It is best to both avoid duplication of requests and to keep requests to the necessary space, not the “dream” space.

If we judge a club to be greedy, and trying to book more than its fair share of space, the issue will be investigated by the DPCS and the Student Activities Manager, which may lead to delay in the processing of that ticket. 

Block booking tickets will be given priority and will be processed first. If any ticket is submitted in this period, which has less than 5 dates on it, or for non-regular activities, it will be placed on hold until all block bookings are completed.

Please note, if you submit a block booking after the closing date, it will not be given priority over ad-hoc bookings.