Ad-Hoc Bookings

Ad-Hoc bookings are made in the designated time period (see Booking Dates) by submitting a ticket through our room request system.

Ad-Hoc Bookings open after Block Bookings are processed and are made on a rolling basis throughout the term. These are bookings for irregular activities, one-off events or for dates missed in the block booking period. Ideally, each club would collate those requests in one ticket, providing information as to the nature of each activity and the type of space required. Another way to do it would be to group all similar activities, which require the same or similar space, in a few tickets by activity. As with block bookings, 1st and 2nd requests should be selected for each date, with additional fall-back spaces indicated in an email response to the ticket. These are bookings for any needs that may occur during the term, whether for meetings, extra rehearsals, events etc.

Once again, providing more information and alternatives for spaces, as well as the grouping of requests in as few tickets as possible, will make the ticket easier to process.

Please note, if your one-off event is a large once, requiring lots of space, or is of an important nature, please submit your booking for it as soon as Ad-Hoc bookings open, as priority for Ad-Hoc bookings is determined on a first come, first serve basis.