Union Minibus


There is a charge for the usage of the minibuses which varies depending on the number of seats and the duration of the usage, together with various fines. For college bookings these fees exclude VAT. 

Usage fees


9 Seat Minibus

15 Seat Minibus

Up to 2 hours



2-4 hours



4-6 hours



6-12 hours



12-24 hours (weekdays)



12-24 hours (weekends)



Weekend (3pm Friday to Midnight Sunday)



Extra days (unplanned)



Full Week



Cancellation fees

Should you cancel the minibus and the Union are not able to relocate it then a cancellation fee will apply. This is intended to deter groups from booking minibuses they are likely not to need rather than as a revenue generator. If another group is subsequently able to use the minibus then the original bookers will not be charged.

Time before booking due to start

Cancellation fee

Under 24 hours

100% hire charge

24 to 48 hours

75% hire charge

48 to 72 hours

50% hire charge

72 to 96 hours

25% hire charge

Over 96 hours

No charge