Union Minibus


There are two parts of the induction to complete, a theory and a practical part. All Union Approved Drivers have to have passed this induction for insurance purposes, and to ensure that you are up to standard of driving the Union expects.


Please complete the theory part of the induction before arriving at the practical part. The theory part involves reading of the minibus booklet. You then answer a set of multiple choice questions online. This can be completed ‘open book’ style and the whole process will take about 45 minutes. The online theory can be found here.


The practical part of the induction needs to be booked in advance. This must be done online via the Union website shop. There is a small cost for a scheduled session and slightly more for an introduction outside of these times. 

In hours (09:00 - 17:00) - £20 (Execlusive of VAT)
Out of hours (from 17:00) - £30 (Exclusive of VAT)

On the day, please arrive promptly at the Student Activities Centre Reception on level 2 of the Union Building in Beit Quad. Remember, the staff are not able to wait for you if you are late!

The practical part of the introduction involves familiarization with the minibuses, including learning how to do the daily routine checks. This is followed by a drive around the local area. In particular the assessor will be checking to see that you drive safely, can manage the length of the vehicle and are generally happy with driving. If you are not up to the required standard you will be given the chance to have another introduction free of charge. 

Please note that the minibuses are all manual vehicles, and you should only attempt the minibus assessment if you are comfortable driving using a manual gearbox. .

When you come to the practical part of your introduction please remember to bring the following:

  • Your driving licence (if you have the new style UK licence this includes the paper section as well as the plastic card as BOTH parts need to be seen)
  • A completed application form to be a Union Approved Driver Form

Once you have passed the theory and practical parts, you will be granted approval to drive minibuses for three years.