New Year Fair

The New Year Fair will be held in the Great Hall on Tuesday 05 February

The Fair is aimed at welcoming new and returning students to the Union family. A big part of the fair will be promoting Clubs, Societies & Projects (CSPs). Due to limits on capacity, we will only be offering stalls to our new Incubator CSPs, with priority given to those who could not attend Freshers’ Fair in October.

Stallholder information

In order for your Club, Society or Project to get the most out of the fair, it’s important that you tell us what you need so that we can accommodate your needs as a stallholder.

Each group will get a stall which includes the following:

  • Stall (1x 6 ft trestle table)
  • Chairs (x2 per table)

we require the following information:

  • What activities will you be doing on/around your stall
  • Do you require power? (not for laptop use but to power equipment e.g. 3D printer)
  • Additional space (e.g. for large equipment)
  • Demonstration/performance space preference
  • Any special or accessibility requirements

Data protection

All Clubs, Societies & Projects are expected to comply with the principles of Data Protection including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By holding a stall at the fair you are agreeing to comply.

Practically this means:

  • Asking for and recording consent to contact individuals

Recording this securely, either via:

For more information please visit the Data Protection collection on the Training Hub

How do I register for a stall?

Step 1: Fill out the Stall Requirements webform below by Monday 21 January

The location of your stall will be provided within 1 week of the fair.


What else is on offer for CSPs?

Give it a Go / Wanna Go Wednesday

As an extension of the hugely popular Wanna Go Wednesday, we will be centrally advertising CSP activities both online, and through a booklet to be distributed at the fair. 

Why run a free taster session?

  • Promotion of your activity via the Union What's On and Give it a Go calendars 
  • Promotion of your activity in a booklet distributed at the New Year Fair and during the week
  • An opportunity to grow your membership by showing them what you're about at the earliest opportunity in the year, second only to Freshers' Fair
If you’d like to get involved and can run a taster or beginners session between Monday 04 – Sunday 10 February, please fill out the Give it a Go webform by Monday 21 January


CSP Details
New Year Fair Key Contact - Details
Club Requirements
Please note: power will not be provided for laptop use but to power special equipment e.g. 3D printer
E.g. additional space for large equipment Will you be doing anything else additional to your stall? E.g. demonstrations using dry ice
Demonstration / Performance
Please give as much detail as possible, including what equipment you will be using, what type of space you will need, how many people will be involved etc.