Union Minibus


Various fines are in place for the minibus operation.




Failure to report use of spare bulb or fuse kit £10
Leaving any rubbish in the minibus £10
Failure to return the minibus hire form with in two working days £10 (and £5 for every day thereafter)
Loss of fuel or car park card £10
Leaving doors or windows unlocked £10 (per window in case of windows)
Failure to return the keys within two working days £10 (and £5 for every day thereafter)
Leaving tank part empty £30 per quarter of tank
Failure to report use of fire extinguisher £20
Failure to report use of first aid kit £20
Failure to report use of spare tyre £20
Failure to report accident or breakdown £50
Returning a minibus late/picking a minibus up early £20 plus the costs incurred by any subsequent users plus additional usage time
Parking in incorrect bay £10
Losing a set of keys Replacement costs (around £220) plus £30
Breaking a lock Replacement costs for all locks and keys (around £500) plus £30
Breaking a fuel cap Replacement costs (fuel and cap around £100) plus £30
Using the wrong fuel Garage bill and recovery plus £30
Crashing and/or damage Garage bill plus £30
Failure to return the roof rack cover within two working days £10 (and £5 for every day thereafter)
Failure to turn off minibus lights or late return of tarp/snow chains £15

All charges go to the upkeep of the minibuses. Usage and fuel charges, together with any fines and cancellation charges for minibuses are made directly to the club.

Any parking tickets or other fines/penalties incurred while minibuses are being driven will be the sole responsibility of the driver. If a drivers eligibility to drive a Union minibus changes (e.g. if your license gains and endorsements) then the change must be reported to the Union regardless of whether the changes in eligibility occurred whilst you were driving a union minibus or not. 


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