ICXP - Imperial Club Experience Project - is a way for Clubs, Societies & Projects to be recognised and rewarded by the Union for their successes. The scheme also provides a clear pathway for clubs to develop for the benefit of their members.

Clubs will receive points for the completion of a series of goals which will add up to give an overall level of achievement. Each level will unlock a collection of rewards, from expert-led training and priority access to an awards night in the spring.


The goals are split into five themes; click the links below to find out more about them.

Why get involved?

With 370+ Clubs, Societies & Projects, a groups' success can often get lost. A key aim of the scheme is to provide more visibility of club activity and to work as a promotional tool. We aim to celebrate all that engage with the scheme as well as those who go above and beyond in delivering a great experience for their members.

ICXP is rooted in the Union's Values. By achieving related goals we can show how our Clubs, Societies & Projects are fostering Leadership, Democracy & Inclusivity within their committees. This not only benefits members but the club officers who can demonstrate key skills and competancies that employers look for.

Clubs that gain accreditation will also unlock rewards for their committee which will go towards the further development of a club.


If your club would like to sign up, please complete the form below. Once you have signed up you'll receive regular email updates and reminders on how to maximise your points.

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