Raising and Giving (RAG) is the loudest, craziest and most fun part of Imperial!

RAG is the charity fundraising society of Imperial College Union and is here to fundraise mountains of cash for charities using some of the most creative and innovative ideas around. Every single student is already a member of RAG: you unwittingly signed up when you applied here!

So prepare yourself for an excessively exciting year wreaking havoc, raiding London, hitchhiking across the world, selling off College staff, pieing the Rector, skydiving, bungee jumping, and dancing like drugged up chickens – all in name of those in need.

So why wait, visit the RAG website to find out more information and sign up to the RAG mailing list.

RAG is also here to help YOU with any causes or projects you want to fundraise for or get involved with, so feel free to get in touch by e-mail: rag@imperial.ac.uk


  • RAG Chair- Htet Oo
  • Treasurer - Roshan Shah
  • Secretary - Ibrahim Aslam
  • Vice Treasurer - Abrar Masud
  • Vice Chair (Activities) - Rana Khan
  • Vice Chair (Operations) - Priscilla Chin
  • Events Officer - Karen Chang
  • Publicity Officer - Leila Yu
  • Publicity Officer - Carmen Ho
  • Sponsorship Officer - Daniele Olmeda
  • Challenges Officer - Remi Simpson
  • Collect Officer - Sam Ha
  • Halls Officer - Georgios Venetidis

Last year Imperial College Union student groups raised over £100,000 for charity!