Run a Give it a Go Event

Fill out the details below to be included in our Give it a Go promotion throughout the year.

Your events will also be uploaded to the What's On calendar, the Give it a Go section of the website and will be promoted via the Student Activities social media channels.

You will also have access to the Give it a Go Pack, including all promotional images and and empty-belly poster to use for your event. 

If you have any questions regarding your event or Give it a Go then drop the Activities Team an email. 

CSP Details
Which Club, Society or Project will be running this GIAG event?
Who should people contact if they want to register for this event (this will also be our contact if we have any further questions)?
What e-mail address should people use to get in contact?
Give it a Go is split into four categories, please choose which description best fits your event. If you are unsure, read the descriptions in the previous page
Event Details
What will the event be called?
Where will your event be held and (if different) where will people need to meet? We recommend meeting in Beit Quad/Reynolds if the location is obscure
What day will your event be held on?
What time will your event start?
What time will your event finish?
Please give a short description of your event and include any important details. For example, do attendees need register before attending? If yes, where can they do this? Or is there any special equipment (such as wet weather clothing) that participants may need to bring. Are there any pre-requisites to attend such as training or experience and will this limit who can attend?
Give it a Go events should be free or no more than £5. Please contact if your event will cost more than £5 to attend.
All events require a sign up register, please specify the maximum of people who can register for this event
For instance, if you run a beginners session every Monday for the first month of term you would write: Mon 2nd Oct, 6-8pm, Union Gym Mon 9th Oct, 6-8pm, Union Gym Mon 16th Oct, 6-8pm, AS2 Mon 23rd Oct, 6-8pm, Union Gym Mon 30th Oct, 6-8pm, AS2