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CSP Drop In's

From Monday October 10th, our CSP Drop In service will be resuming in a completely new way to support you better!! 

We will now have in person drop in’s Every working day – Monday to Friday!! 2-4pm.  

First you must sign in at the helpdesk and they will let you know if someone is available and send you up when there is. We will also be having extra staff on drop ins to provide specific support for finance and events, please see below our schedule. 



Number of Staff 




Generic & Finance 


Generic & Events 


Generic & Finance 


Generic & Events 

If you come to the correct drop-in session based on your issues, we will aim where possible to resolve you issue there and then. And if we can’t resolve it there an then, we will take the problem away and get back to you within ten working days.  

Every drop-in session that happens will be added to a log so nothing gets missed and we will review the log monthly to highlight any process or support page gaps to then work on them within the following month. We want to make sure we are actively listening to you issues and adapting to them.  

We hope you are happy with the plans for the new service and we can’t wait to see you in the office soon!