Essential CSP Documentation & Tasks

For CSP Leaders to be able run safe,  inclusive and legal activities as well as administrate those activities, they need to take the necessary steps to complete essential tasks and documentation. Failure to complete the essential tasks and documentation to run safe activity will usually result in your permissions being restricted on the system, limiting what you are able to do e.g., room bookings, expenses claims etc.

Each incomplete document will generate a 'flag' on e-Activities that will appear upon logging into your account, until the document in question is submitted. 

The majority of document submissions can be made by any committee officer; however some can only be done by a 'Principal Officer', aka the Chair, Secretary or Treasurer. To find out what flags you have you can head to:

The Documentation tab on eActivites can be found via eActivities Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Documentation

Core Documentation & Tasks

These documents are all compulsory to complete. Each of them has a deadline that needs to be met, without meeting this groups are not eligible to hold a welcome fair stall, begin activity or gain access to their grant funding. 

  • Financial Responsibilities
    • Financial Responsibility to be able to see and process your CSP's finances on e-Activities is usually only given to the CSP Chair/President and Treasurer once they have signed the Financial Responsibility form.

      By signing this form, you are agreeing to:

    • Abide by the Imperial College Union Financial Regulations
    • Complete the relevant finance training
    • Pass the online validation quizzes

      Financial responsibility means you are ultimately responsible for the financial transactions of your Club, Society or Project, and can be held liable for your actions for up to 7 years after the end of your term in office
      Deadline: 1st October 2022
  • Committee Contact Details & 'Naughty Officers'
    • In some cases Union staff may need to contact committee officers. This may be in relation to an event, an urgent request or incident. By providing up-to-date contact details, staff are better placed to help. 

      Contact details should be provided when the outgoing committee complete the Next Year's Committee Contact Details for your CSP.

      If the outgoing committee did not complete this form, please fill in the form below and the Union will update your committee details so you can being using e-Activities:

      Committee Detail Update Request Form 22/23

      Deadline: 1st October 2022. 'Naughty officers' are committee members that have not yet purchased membership to the CSP. The deadline to purchase your membership is the 1st October otherwise your access to e-Activities will be removed. This is important for insurance purposes as only full members of a CSP are covered by the College insurance.
  • Training Quizzes & Access to eActivities
    • If you are a member of more than one Club, Society or Project, you will have a different 'role' on eActivities for each group. To see your role(s) login to eActivities and look at the right-hand side of the home page under Your Roles.

      You can switch between roles by clicking on the one that you wish to use. If you have more than four roles, click on the blue Other Roles button, where a drop-down list will appear.

    • The permissions you have in eActivities (to edit and submit) are linked to the type of role you have.

    • Only Principle Officers (Captain, Chair, President & Treasurer) can approve Club, Society or Project expenditure.
    • Every role's permissions are also linked to a series of online training quizzes that must be completed before you are able to carry out specific actions in eActivities, i.e. To create an online shop product, you must complete the Shop Administration Quiz. 

      Some key required ones are:

    • Key Information: All committee roles

    • Data Protection: President/Chair, Treasurer, Secretary

    • Principal Officers: President/Chair

    • The rest you can take as and when. They can be accessed on eActivities through Training -> Quizzes. You can also see what ones you have done, and any scores from previous years, in My Account-> Qualifications.

      Deadline: 1st September 2022
  • Annual Activity Proposal & Risk Assessment
    • Managing Safety & Risk is a very important part of running any Club, Society or Project. Regardless of your activity you should be considering how best to mitigate risks for your members. 

      All Student Group Leaders have a legal duty of care towards their members and a part of meeting this responsibility is to ensure you have followed our annual activities proposal process.  

      This process helps the Union understand the activities you are doing, and helps our group leaders understand the risk level their groups sit at and therefore what steps need to be taken to make their risks properly. If your group is medium or high risk, your group must complete and submit an annual risk assessment. Or if your group manages a space, we need a risk assessment for this too!

      Find Out More Here

      Low Risk Group Deadline: 1st September 2022
      Medium & High Risk Group Deadline: 1st October 2022
  • Annual Inventory Form
    • Club Societies and Project's (CSP's) often require equipment, machinery, assets or items in order to carry out their activities and events. Anything owned by a CSP is classed as Union property. Both CSP leaders and the Union have a legal responsibility to ensure we have accurate records of what is owned, that anything being used is safe, that appropriate storage is in place and if necessary maintenance schedules are upkept.  To ensure that these legal requirements are met student groups must complete our Inventory and Storage Update Form.

      Find Out More Here
      Deadline For Any Groups Without Equipment: 1st September 2022
      Deadline For Any Groups Who Own Equipment: 1st October 2022
  • Annual Affiliations
    • By Law the Union must record all affiliations to external bodies - this includes those of Clubs, Societies & Projects. You must record affiliations, or lack of them by clicking on the Affiliations tab (e-Activities > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Documentation). If your group is affiliated to an organisation outside of Imperial record this in the relevant boxes on the tab, as detailed below. If your group is not affiliated to anyone please complete the affiliations exemption form. If you need any support regarding affiliations, please contact 

    • Sports clubs may want to discuss affiliation information with Move Imperial as they may process some of your affiliations for you as part of BUCS. You can contact them at

      Affiliation Exemption Form 22/23

      Examples of affiliations include:

    • Sports Clubs recognised National Governing Bodies (NGBs) (i.e England Hockey for the Hockey Club.)
    • UK-wide networks for cultural and faith groups (such as The National Hindu Students' Forum or The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) )
    • Political parties for our political Societies (i.e The Labour Party or The Green Party)
    • A charitable or Non-Governmental Organsation (NGO) for projects who's work links to the relevant group. (i.e Oxfam GB or PETA UK)
    • An organising company that enlists 'Student Chapers' to support the spread of their work and engagement (i.e Believers Love World and the 93% club)

      Deadline For Any Groups Without Any Affiliations: 1st September 2022
      Deadline For Any Groups Who Do Have Affiliations: 1st October 2022
      Here is how you update your affiliations on the e-Activities ​​​​​if you have any.

  • Instructor, Coaches and Contractor Forms
    • All Clubs, Societies & Projects need to record what instruction, if any, occurs within their activities. This could include: Having external instructors who give group lessons, peer-to-peer training within the members, or attendance at external training centers. A combination of various options is also possible. It is important that we manage and recruit coaches, instructors and contractors properly otherwise it can have some serious legal consequences for our students, our leaders and the Union. 

      If you do not have any instructors, you simply need to head to the instructors tab in e-activities and check the two boxes that state: 'No Instruction'. The deadline to have this ticked and submitted is the 1st September. 

      If you do have any coaches or instructors please follow the process outlined on the coaches and instructors page to get them approved. 

      Find out More Here
      Deadline: 1st October 2022
  • External Hire Contracts
    • Any CSPs who are hiring external facilities for their training or their events must submit a copy of their agreement forms or contracts to the Union for review and signing. 

      CSP Leaders should under no circumstance be signing a contract themselves as this would make them personably liable for the costs and responsibilities. 

      If you have any contracts that need signing before the beginning of the year or before your training starts you can submit it for review below.  

      Hire Contract Submission Form 22/23
      Deadline: 1st October 2022
  • Equality Impact Assessments
    • Content Coming Soon
      Deadline: 1st October 2022
  • Constitutions
    • Content Coming Soon
      Deadline: 1st October 2022

Important Documentation and Tasks (Optional)

These documents and tasks are non compulsory to complete. Each of them has a deadline that needs to be met, without meeting this groups are no eligible to hold a welcome fair stall, begin activity or gain access to their grant funding.