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Popularised by Bruce Lee and its Wooden Dummy form, Wing Chun Kung Fu is a rapid, deadly martial art specialising in close quarter combat. Developed by a Buddhist Nun, and taught exclusively to women for hundreds of years, Wing Chun relies on speed and skill, rather than strength and size.
Sensitivity plays an important role in Wing Chun, enabling you to develop lightning-fast punches and counters. This makes Wing Chun ideal for men and women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Our sessions are lead on campus by Sifu Nick Martin, from the UKWCKFA. Sifu Nick is an enthusiastic instructor with over 20 years experience in this martial art and many others.
So whether you want to improve your fitness, improve your self-defence and confidence or want to meet a great group of friendly, fellow students, come along and try Wing Chun.

Find us at the Freshers' Fair on 3rd October to find out more!

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