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Come join us for a society that is dedicated to free and accessible knowledge, allows you to explore your interests and make great new friends. Our Aim: We aim to provide students with a relaxed and friendly environment to explore academic or personal interests, while developing highly sought-after skills. We try to make Wikipedia even more valuable to students by contributing to the topics that both excite and challenge us on a daily basis. We think everyone can be an IC Wikipedian, from freshers to postgrads, so just come and give it a try! Our Vision: To meet like-minded people, share interests, and have fun! Our Campus Ambassador program will continue to promote the free exchange of knowledge and increase awareness of how to use and edit Wikipedia. Through our GLAM Ambassador (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) initiative, we set up mutually beneficial relationships with both individuals and institutions. By meeting with Wikipedians inside and outside Imperial College, including IC alumni, we hope to grow a community, which will remain invaluable, long after University. And to see some of the stuff we have done check out London Wikipedia academy: A discussion with London academics about how academia and Wikipedia should perceive each other. And also see us in the news! - Academics to embrace Wikipedia. Previous activity has included helping photograph the various galleries of the Natural History Museum, and we hope to engage in more tasks like that as time goes on!

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