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We are the Imperial College Vehicle Design Society, a new and exciting prospect here at Imperial College London that formed only last academic year. We serve as a platform for student projects in the field of vehicular design (anything from boats to planes, through cars and bikes, even satellites) and offer members the ability to gather the resources necessary to design, build and test their ideas. Some of the incredible projects we have underway include the CubeSat Project, the Shell Eco Marathon and the Solar Challenge, all of which have seen great popularity and support.

However, it doesn't stop there. One of the key aims of the society is to allow anyone the chance to implement their ideas. So we're looking for anyone with ideas about the future of vehicular design and innovation. What's more, there's no limit on who can join: any department, any year!

With this in mind, we aim to push the boundary between what can and can't be done in the world of vehicle design by successfully creating new concepts and demonstrating their viable application. Be it a solar powered car, or a satellite used by the emergency services, we believe in a future in which vehicles will make our lives even easier without further damage to the environment.

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