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Whatever your career choice, communication is one of the most fundamental characteristics. However, finding a safe environment in which to develop this key skill can be a challenge. This is where Imperial College Speakers (IC Speakers) comes in. We are dedicated to helping students, staff, and alumni to improve their confidence and communication skills in public speaking. As part of the Toastmasters International organisation, we offer a globally recognised path to public speaking success, providing a clear, focused, and incremental route to developing your public speaking and leadership skills. Through a series of projects which you can complete at your own pace, you will be able to develop a variety of public speaking techniques. The club also provides each new member with a mentor, who can guide you through your initial experiences of the club, helping you to gain valuable experience. Anyone can benefit from joining the club, whether you are a nervous, first-time speaker or an experience presenter, you will also be able to develop your skills further. Each year, we also offer the opportunity to take part in regional public speaking competitions, giving our members the opportunity to practise their skills in different environments. However experienced you are, IC Speakers presents an immensely supportive environment within which to improve your confidence, communication and public speaking skills.

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