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Sleep is something so essential to us, but gets easily sacrificed to accommodate for our increasingly busy lives. The first Sleep Imperial Campaign was launched in the summer of 2017 with the intention of raising awareness of the importance of good sleep hygiene and improving the sleep quality of the 25,000 staff and students at Imperial College. Sleep Society is a student run initiative to help you sleep better. Our role is not just to research sleep but to help promote better sleep patterns. ( The 3 main goals of Sleep Society are: - Raise awareness on the importance of sleep hygiene and mental health via the Sleep Imperial Campaign; - Organise talks by leading sleep neuroscientists as well as politicians to elucidate the role of sleep in public health; - Build the SleepPod, a next-generation device that optimises naps (; The society is open to everyone. We're looking for any active participation towards our goals and will welcome new ideas. Contact us at !

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