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Rugby, the game played by the RSM's finest. The club is renowned in IC for its sublime social life, lionheart spirit and hard hitting games! Practice is casual, once a week from October onward with a few matches a term to keep the side in action. This is all in preparation for the "Bottle Match" that is held every spring this annual varsity match against the Camborne School of Mines. It is world renowned and over 107 years old making it the second oldest varsity match still being played. We have triumphed for the last two years and are seeking new players who have the guts to travel to Cornwall and bring home the Bottle this year. We need new blood to keep the RSM spirit going, the social side is amongst the best and we welcome all abilities. Sign up at the Fresher's Fair or just pop into the RSM Union Office - we welcome all players, even if you're not a miner!

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