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Imperial Kenyan Orphan Project is a branch of the Kenyan Orphan Project charity. Active at Imperial since 2010, we fundraise throughout the year to raise money for orphaned and vulnerable children in West Kenya who have been affected by HIV/AIDS.
The Kenyan Orphan Project (KOP) is a charity and society that supports vulnerable children and orphans in Kenya through health, education and social welfare projects. KOP is supported by a number of UK universities including Imperial College (since 2010) who each make a huge and valuable difference to the lives of hundreds of children. Each summer, a trip to Kisumu, West Kenya is held to directly work on the projects that we support. You could find yourself teaching children about healthcare, helping to build schools, playing games with the children or helping with the feeding programmes created for street children, whilst also being able to explore Kenya. We place a big emphasis on welcoming all members. Whether you're looking to personally make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children (whilst also seeing Kenya's amazing wildlife, scenery and culture), an outlet for your creativity, being involved with KOP''s wider activities or being part of a growing society that supports extremely worthwhile projects, KOP has a place for everyone. All members are encouraged to join in, whether they choose to go on the trip or not, and we will help to support all possible fundraising ideas and challenges!

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