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Imperial Junior Solutions is Imperial’s Junior Enterprise, a student-run non-profit organization providing technical and engineering services from our students to companies. IJS delivers high-quality services and aims to provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain valuable experience and competitiveness in the working and academic fields. WHAT do we do? We aim to encourage students to seek experience beyond their studies, providing their services at a competitive price to companies, clients, or individuals looking for access to those services. This enables contact between employers and students and will boost students’ employability in the professional field. IJS provides four main services from students: Engineering design, Technical translation, Data Analysis, and App/Web Development. WHY join IJS? - You would get experience with professionals in the real world. - You would create relationships and links with industry. - You would work on a variety of projects, boosting your CV and showing maturity in cover letters and job applications. - You would get to communicate with other Imperial students and members of staff and academics.

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