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The aim of the Imperial GfGD University group is to create a culture of socially aware young geoscientists. It seeks to inform students about how their degree can be used to aid in sustainable development. For example, on how mining can be used to create opportunities for global communities in which they are able to sustain themselves. This sense of awareness is being achieved through seminars and talks given by professional geoscientists who speak of their own experiences and hope to inspire students, the GfGD blog, cooperation with London based NGO's to organize week long placements, careers advice, fundraising campaigns and through relevant films/documentaries. In the near future, the GfGD aims to develop internationally by providing placement opportunities abroad. These projects would involve working directly with local geological surveys, charities and the people within the community, including creating an accessible resource of information on geosciences to the local community. This is hoped to help students develop the skills needed to communicate technical topics to a non-expert audience. In addition, the GfGD would be very interested in supporting/fundraising mapping projects involved in development work. Currently, GfGD is working on an advocacy program that seeks to get involved in policy making. If you would like to find out more about what we do, then visit, or to find out about our events join the Facebook group, Imperial GfGD or follow us on twitter @GfGDImperial and Instagram @gfgd.imperial

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