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* Interested in hearing about the awesome inspiring things that modern day Adventurers and Explorers are doing all over the world right now? Well you're in the right place.
As a society we organise visits to a range of educational and recreational lectures throughout London. The institutions we visit include the Royal Geographical Society and the Alpine Club amongst others. As a society we also invite well-known explorers to share their experiences with us at Imperial. We also give the opportunity to Imperial students who have organised or taken part in expeditions to come and share their experiences with us. For those inspired to organise their own expeditions we can provide the support needed to prepare and submit a proposal to the College Exploration Board, whose approval and financial support is a great starting point for any trip. We organise networking events for all those interested in exploration whether that is mountaineering, arctic exploration, desert exploration or cooperative working the society is here to help you. In recent years members have organized trips which include kayaking in Canada and Peru, mountaineering in Alaska, the Himalayas, Greenland and Bolivia, bridge building in Malawi, rock climbing in Morocco and arctic trekking in Svalbard. Whilst we do not organise expeditions as a society, we hope to run two or three tours throughout 2014, including: Winter ice climbing in the Norway, and a summer trip to the Alps. All these will be aimed at developing exploration skills.

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