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Have you ever started reading an EU-related article to then abruptly stall after a couple of sentences feeling that you don't actually understand most of what you are reading? What about the times you have tried to voice your opinion on the future of Europe, to then feel you don't actually know much about what is actually happening in the EU? The European Union is a controversial and complex political and economic organization that plays an important role in the lives of all European citizens (including the British!), many of whom find the inner workings of the EU difficult to understand. As the newly founded European Union Society at Imperial, we strive to spread information regarding the EU, so as to enable the students and staff to form a well-founded opinion on the Union, its projects and its future. We offer talks hosted by speakers who have worked extensively within the EU, organize debates on EU-related topics and offer a gate-way to socializing with members of European Union societies of other London Universities. Whether you are pro or anti EU, we would like you to join us at our events so as to share and develop your opinions: you will quickly see that the frustration of "not knowing enough" shall disappear!

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