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At Engineering Change, we develop engineering solutions to real world problems! As a student-led charity our goal is to facilitate global human development through engineering and education
This will be an exciting year with more to offer than ever before. You can get involved with us in many ways and we don’t only take engineers!

Get involved in one of the Team Projects we will be running this year. Applying to work in a small dedicated team on one of our exciting projects can be very rewarding and may also include the possibility of travel abroad to implement the project in situ! You could work with professionals on the Barachios project to redesign and restore abandoned fisheries along the South Eastern coast of Mauritius.
You could choose to work with the charity Remap to develop specialised equipment to allow disabled people in the UK to live more independent lives.
Or you could even be part of the team from our new joint venture with Enactus Imperial aims to benefit villages in Tanzania with clean cookstoves. 

Lend a hand with our Outreach initiative which aims to teach inner city children how we can live in a sustainable Britain through engineering as well as how engineering can help solve global problems in sustainable ways.

Come along to our Development Challenges events and learn from a range of industry leaders, take part in exciting excursions across the country, as well as of socials and fundraisers throughout the year.

Being an active member of Engineering Change will not only help hone skills that cannot be taught in a classroom, but will involve you with a tight-knit community of passionate students that want to make a difference in the world.

We look forward to working with you!

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