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Imperial College Drone Society is a student run initiative based in Imperial College London. We aim to build London's leading hotspot for drone pilots, engineers and enthusiasts. Our structure consists of two divisions: the Racing Team and the Engineering Team. The Racing Team specialises in building and developing high-speed FPV drones to participate in racing competitions across the UK and Europe such as IUDRO (which we won in ’19), BDRA Championships etc.

On the other hand, the Engineering Team works on projects to solve real world problems, such as Project Atlas, where the main goal is to develop a modular quadcopter for surveillance and monitoring purposes incorporating elements drawn from our past programmes, the Silent Drone Project and our custom trained object detection and classification programme, PODS.

Our society actively participates in community events such as workshops with other universities, seminars with industry leading firms, and outreach programmes. Visit our Linktree for upcoming activities, and for information on how you can get involved.

Make sure to purchase the £5 Basic Membership before you can purchase our Engineering, Racing or All-Inclusive Add-Ons, as well as the QuadBasics course below!

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