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Imperial College is known globally as a hotbed for exciting technological and scientific developments and ideas. At ICDC, we hope to create a means for Design to play a larger role at Imperial College. We believe that Design, Science and Technology are complimentary fields. It is at the junction of these domains where remarkable things happen. As a member of this society, you will have the opportunity to meet incredible leaders in design from around the world. Four exciting themes will be revealed throughout the year; workshops will allow you to improve your design skills, while talks and office visits will inspire you. This year, we will also introduce a platform for members to share the exciting opportunities, exhibitions, and projects happening year-round in London. We encourage everyone to join this energy-fuelled society that will add a spice of creativity and a dash of entrepreneurship to your Imperial experience. The Imperial College Design Collective (ICDC) had an amazing first year following its genesis in the summer of 2012. 56 members were inspired by the themes of Enhancing Cycling in London, Sustainability, Toys, and Interactive City. Even more attended the talks by Andrew Waugh, Simon Manchipp, Peter Childs, and Kathryn Firth. With two office visits to IDEO in Clerkenwell and Pentagram in Notting Hill, members were immersed into a universe of brilliance in creating processes, objects, projects that enhance the human experience.

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