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Being in the heart of London, we are a short distance away from Westminster, the heart of our democracy. The opportunity to meet engaged people, see more of the political landscape, and forge individual political views is immense. Conservatism can be seen as more than just a philosophy of preventing unnecessary radical change and keeping the choice elements society. It can be Libertarian in flavour, supporting individual and economic freedom, it can be Compassionate, stressing the improvement of the general welfare of society. The list can go on! We want to foster debate and discussion! We are one of the most active political society at Imperial, and we are a welcoming group. Our aims are to promote political discussion, combat apathy and raise awareness of national and international politics.
Our chairman Marwan Riach has forged a new partnership with Turning Point UK, a right-wing, freedom fighting pressure group; this year we will be having a panel discussion with TPUK. Other events that we will be holding this year include Port and Policy, campaigning to overturn Kensington's Labour majority of 20, and hosting distinguished politicians and speakers: Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Starkey are in the line-up.

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