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Welcome to IC Beyond! Ever wonder what the world would look like in a decade or two, or five? You know what they say: "Change is the only constant!" Tell us about your vision of the future! We are a futurism-themed society, aimed at serious discussion about the change and evolution of global society. Here's a list of potential topics we've covered / might cover throughout the year: - Technological unemployment (Help, the robots are taking over!) - Inequality and its effects (Can poor people be blamed for being poor?) - Universal basic income (Basic needs for everyone!) - Abundance and post-scarcity (We don't need to fight over resources!) - A systems approach to sustainability (All our problems are interconnected!) - Steady state economy (Perpetual growth only makes you fat!) - Transhumanism (What does it really mean to be human?) - Radical solutions to societal problems? (Moving past the "-ism"s!) Visit our Facebook page at for updates on upcoming events! Also check out our YouTube channel here for recordings of previous events!

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