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The Avicenna Project is a non-profit venture spearheaded by a group of Imperial College students dedicated to a great cause. The project focuses on paediatric cancer, particularly in developing regions, and the aim of the project is to study the needs of paediatric cancer in those regions and develop a plan to meet the requirements. Currently, the primary objectives of the Avicenna Project are to develop a world class paediatric cancer hospital and research centre. Our aim is to provide the most cost-effective yet efficient solution that once implemented will lead to the development of a centre that will provide free healthcare to all children, especially those in remote and war stricken areas, and promote research in the region. Besides providing just passive sympathy we are initiating this project to develop cost effective plans that will be able to provide a solution. Our hope is that this solution can then help reduce the number of victims dealing with this disease and spare their families from emotional and economic consequences. In addition, we will be organising workshop sessions to explore cases in different regions, with guidance from experts along the way, to set up different case studies . During the process students will have the opportunity to learn about international healthcare project management and receive exciting and inspirational talks from high profile speakers on childhood cancer, healthcare design, innovation and investment.

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