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ICAW was founded in 2015, after the Union told our founder we were a society a month before Fresher's Fair. A mini forge was quickly slapped together, using materials already at hand and half an oil drum bought off eBay for 8 pounds. Thus our society was born. As a relatively new society we are still figuring things out, but with support from the people of Imperial we have seen success, and we continuously strive to make things better than ever before. This is where you come in. We are constantly looking to bring in new skills, so if you think you have something to contribute (whether it’s artisanal skills or soft skills), please do drop us a message by email or Facebook! Even if you don’t, never fear - we try to host workshops every two Saturdays, which covers a range of crafts from jewellery making to paper crafts - you’ll pick things up soon enough. Whether you are a master artisan, an amateur craftsman, or a complete novice looking to try something different, ICAW welcomes you. Our aim is to share the joy of crafting, to promote the art and science behind these crafts, and to build up a supportive community around our shared interest in artisanry.

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