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Currently, we will be engaged in the Autumn Term with Silversmithing and Blacksmithing, though we are looking to expand very soon into Woodcarving. As with any new club, we're asking for as much community support and patience - we've got a lot to learn in the next term!

If you are a complete beginner or a master blacksmith (*gulp*) we would love to have you - come along to one of our classes, be it making a silver ring, or the basics of hot forging. Experienced members will, in the future, be able to demonstrate their safety and skill to the committee, and if they show a commitment to safe working practises and the skill necessary, they will be given free reign with the tools we have, subject to certain considerations.

If you have enough experience to be a teacher in the club, please do buy membership and get in touch! We're always looking for more people who are happy to become part of the club and teach others in their respective skills.

And even if you can't tell a ball pein from a lump hammer, but want to become a part of the running of a new club, we want you too!

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