Vision & Values

Our Purpose

The advancement of education of students at Imperial College London.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the leaders in student development and engagement, at the heart of the student community at Imperial.

Our Mission

Imperial College Union prepares its members to be tomorrow’s leaders, by defending and enhancing the student experience at Imperial, through the provision of innovative services, representation and activities.


Our Values


The Union strives to deliver first class services and experiences for its members, and works with the College to ensure that the student experience at Imperial is second to none.



The principles of equality of opportunity are fundamental to the Union - we promote diversity, take action on discrimination and strive for an inclusive and welcoming environment for our increasingly diverse student community.



We are bold and different – we constantly look for new ways of improving the student experience, whether directly through the Union or through the lobbying of the College and external bodies.



The principle of student leadership is fundamental to the Union.  At all levels students are empowered to influence and change the workings of the Union and their educational experience.

Beit Quadrangle
Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BB
Registered Charity No: 1151241
Tel: 020 7594 8060
Fax: 020 7594 8065
Twitter: @icunion
VAT Reg No. GB 240 5617 84