About Us

Our History

Imperial College Union was formed in 1907 as the representative body for students of Imperial College London. We are based in our purpose built Union Building in the Beit Quadrangle next to the Royal Albert Hall. 

A Brief Timeline
  • 1907 Formation of Imperial College of Science and Technology incorporating Royal School of Mines, Royal College of Science and City and Guilds College
  • 1907 Imperial College Union formed as a federation of the 3 College Unions
  • 1911 The Union building in South Kensington is constructed
  • 1922 Founder member of NUS (leaves for the first time in 1923)
  • 1949 Felix is founded
  • 1969 First directly elected sabbatical President
  • 1984 The Union starts catering operation
  • 1985 The Union Starts running own bars
  • 1987 First professional welfare advisor at the Union
  • 1988 Imperial College School of Medicine is established at St. Mary’s
  • 1996 Union Council is made the supreme governing body
  • 1997 Union stops running bookshop on campus
  • 1997 First medical student to be elected President (Andrew Heeps)
  • 1998 First Deputy President (Education & Welfare) Sabbatical
  • 1998 Imperial College School of Medicine merges with Charing Cross and Royal Postgraduate Medical schools
  • 2000 Merger with Wye College and Kennedy Institute
  • 2001 Sir Richard Sykes appointed Rector of Imperial College
  • 2003 College adopts Faculty structure in place of constituent Colleges.
  • 2004 College rebrands as "Imperial College London"
  • 2005 Union Building Redevelopment - Project starts
  • 2005 First Deputy President (Graduate Students) at the Union
  • 2006 Union Building Redevelopment - Construction work starts
  • 2007 Imperial College Centenary
  • 2007 The Union rejoins the NUS (again)
  • 2007 Imperial College leaves the University of London
  • 2008 The Union leaves the NUS
  • 2009 Second phase of the Union Building Redevelopment completed adding a new Student Activities Centre and Union Offices
  • 2010 Third phase of the Union Building Redevelopment completed with a new nightclub, Metric and bar, FiveSixEight
  • 2012 Imperial College Union achieves the highest turnout in England and Wales for a Students' Union election
  • 2013 New Constitution and Bye-Laws passed
  • 2013 Once again achieves the highest turnout in England and Wales for a Students' Union election
  • 2013 Registered as a Charity #1151241
  • 2013 New meeting rooms completed on the first floor and third floor of the Union Building